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  1. Will you do a search for Koo Koo…Minnie Woolsey ? Am working on it myself but I’m new to this & Minnie Woolsey would seem to be a fairly typical late 19th ccentury name. I would think that being mentally disabled details of her life & death would be documented but such does not seem to be the case. Thanks !


      1. I tried to research her a long time ago. Her bio is so distorted and vague as to make finding her true identity almost impossible. Many of the sites claim she was born in a particular county in Georgia. I found a possible candidate there with a surname similar to Woolsey but I also came across an interview with one of the guys that owned her contract way back. This interview was done many years later and he stated that her story about being from Georgia was fabricated and that she was actually from Illinois.


  2. Thanks so much for all your great research on sword swallower Mimi Garneau!

    My name is Dan Meyer and I’m the historical researcher who has been researching Mimi Garneau for the Sword Swallower’s Association Intl since 2001. I also happen to be a sword swallower and own most of those photos of Mimi and one of Mimi’s swords here in Tampa.

    However, I have not been able to locate Mimi’s grave here in Tampa,
    or her companion Woody Woodrow F. Dutton (d. 1985 in Tampa).

    Would love any help you might have to put the final details on her bio!

    Here’s Mimi’s updated bio:

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

    Stay sharp!

    All the best,

    Dan Meyer
    President, Historical Researcher
    Sword Swallowers Association International
    Tampa, FL
    Sword Swallower’s Hall of Fame


  3. Great to hear from more family! Sorry, but I didn’t spend a ton of time on the Adams side. I had gotten as far as Alverna’s daughter Sarah but stopped there. With all my blog research I can’t spend a ton of time on any one tree, and most of the time, it’s not really that pertinent to the story. That’s why I ended up researching Mimi’s family a little more after family contacted me. I am waiting for the day though when one blog’s research ends up tying into another.

    For now, my research is on hiatus. We are moving to Colorado this summer and are busy prepping our house for sale. I sure miss the research though.



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